06 февруари 2011

How did my Soul end up here?

I decided to write this article in English, because I found out that in English my thoughts are coming out in a bit different way, than in my native language.
I consider English as my second mother language, despite that my mother has nothing to do with it. However the text may not be as perfect as it would be, if it was so. Therefore I beg the native English readers and those who are not so native, but consider themselves as experts in English grammar to excuse my French (I mean to discard eventual imperfect expressions)

So, the topic is “How did my Soul end up here?” and (un)naturally, to find the answer to this question I’ll have to look for it much deeper in my Soul.
I’ve come to this question after reading an article, about the immortality of the Soul according to the White brotherhood. No, not those White bros with the high hoods on their heads. The people beyond this link, are followers of a holy white haired man who preached to love each other and to know ourselves.
Well I’m not real fanatic about their view on the “reason of life”, but it occurred to me that the Soul may actually be ever lasting indeed. According to the WB the Soul never dies and “jumps” from one body to another after death. The theory of reincarnation is among many religions, although the most popular of them preach that only one son of God has reached it.
There are some reasons in the theory that every Soul lives many lifes and this way the human population grows bigger, but how can we explain the enormous multiplying of the humanity in specific times in history?

Check out this graph.

Illustration: www.global-warming-truth.com

The human population growth for the last 100 years is significant. Up till 20th century it is quite stable. For 200 years it doubles, but after the industrial (r)evolution it doubles for only 50 years and than after 1950’s it triples for less than a half century. Further the expectations are for more stable growth, but who knows…
It could be explained the growth after the World wars to be due to the need of rebirth of the humanity and compensating the lost lives. And also the development of the industrial era could be the reason to bring on the planet more workforces. But if we look at the structure of the population growth, we see that after the wars and in the industrial boom the population increases mostly in the developing counties – while in the industrialized it is quite stable. Well the wars were held mostly in the developed countries and the industry needs people around it. So why to hell the people get “reborn” mostly in the most miserable places on Earth?
In my country the most breeding group of people is the one that is at the lowest stage of human development and it’s the same in Africa, Asia, South America and USA as well. And even Europe.

The people who have less worth in their life, have more children. Why is that?
Is it because they are not educated and don’t know how to control their breeding?
Is it because the lives that they bring to this world are easy to be lost?
Or it is because the people in the developed countries are too busy and too responsible to have more kids.
Here is how it works. It is a lifecycle. A scheduled pattern of human development. The life itself is a transition from one condition to another. From poor to rich. From stupid to clever. From not knowing to become famous.
The most people get reborn in the poor countries or regions so that they migrate to some more developed place and eventually to create something after their death. Something else except children. So, the Souls of the death from the developed world should get reborn in the third world in order to make their lives better.
However this should be the normal pattern. BUT…

In present days most of the poor people are born in the mud and dye in it, leaving only children that are doomed to the same. And many children dye and are being reborn with the same destiny… This way more and more Souls come out from the dead seeking for a new body to be born in and to make use of their knowledge. But since the reborn does not remember it Soul’s previous live and if it can not get the needed education to reach this knowledge, the person remain just as statistical number on this planet.

So in order to get to know the world better, we must go deep in our mind and beyond it to the heart of our Soul.

To be continued...

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